Senses of wonder, of curiosity, of inquiry and the energy and eagerness to pursue the “what” and “why” of everything are the elements that make young children scientists. This zany and fun summer session will delight the natural scientist in every child. Rich hands-on opportunities will be provided to inspire burgeoning scientists to explore, question, hypothesize, observe, experiment, reach empirical conclusions and represent results of discoveries.

  • Based on research-based cognitive learning theories which inform current educational practice in science instruction
  • Students are actively engaged in their own construction of knowledge
  • An inquiry approach to science teaching motivates and engages all types of students, helping them understand the relevance of science to their lives, as well as to the nature of science itself
  • Inquiry incorporates the use of hands-on and process-oriented activities for the benefit of knowledge construction while building investigation skills and habits of mind in children
  • Thematic connections will be made to a diverse spectrum of learning experiences

Lesson Examples:

  • Color Chemistry: "Is Black Really Black?"; "Do UV Blockers Really Work?"; "Exploding Colors"; "Red Cabbage Chemistry"; "Ice Castles"
  • Magical Mixtures: "Monster Toothpaste"; "Sensational Suspension", "Powders, Polymers, and Potions"
  • Digging Deeper: "What is beneath the surface?"; "Wonderful Worms"; "Sand, Silt, and Clay"; "Quicksand Science"; Stop!Erosion!"
  • Water, Water, Everywhere: "Floating Water", "Raining Color"; "Anti-Gravity WAter"; "Mysterious Water Suspension"
  • Bubbles by the Billions: "Bubbling Eruptions", "Crystal Ball Bubbles", "The Bubbling Blue Blob", "Bubbling Density Concoction"

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