Gwendolyn King

Hello, I’m Ms.Gwen! Since I was in middle school, becoming a teacher has always been one of my goals. Throughout my time in school, I was fortunate to have many teachers who were caring, patient, and naturally loving toward to their students. As I became so keenly aware of the significant effects my teachers had in my own school experience, they became extraordinary role models for me, instilling me with a desire to share those same qualities as a teacher. 

I was born and raised in a small city in Mississippi called Tupelo. In 2016, I moved to Tennessee with my mother and sister for more opportunities. While living in Tennessee, I was able to accomplish another career goal, which was attending Paul Mitchell cosmetology school for hair. I love the feeling of making someone realize their beauty as a person. After that, I married my lovely wife, and, after two years of planning, we decided to move to Austin.

I have worked in preschools in Tennessee and have experience with newborns all the way to pre-k. I love teaching preschool because of the heart and mind it requires of us as teachers, as we see the children learn and grow exponentially at each stage of early childhood. I love how we are able to open children’s minds to new and exciting ideas, and how they are completely in awe of the world unfolding before them.

In addition to teaching, I am also a student. I am currently pursing my Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education.

Since beginning to work in the early childhood education field in 2018, I have realized and enjoyed how every child and every day is new and different, presenting new opportunities to learn and grow. Each moment presents a chance to expand their minds and hearts, as well as my own. I’m so excited for the children to show me all that they know and can do. I’m equally excited to build on their foundation and expand their minds and creative abilities!