Drawing is at the heart of artistic expression. Some of our first memories of art were drawing— the smell of a new box of Crayola, the allure of a blank piece of paper. Drawing can be paper and crayons, but also much more! In “The Heart of Drawing” children will be introduced to themed projects each day— some familiar, and some new:

Drawing can be Collecting Ideas- Sketchbook making/ Bookbinding

Drawing can be a Story- Cartoons/ Manga/ Anime

Drawing can be Meditation- Zen Tangles/ Mandalas

Drawing can be Social- Community murals/ Street Art

Drawing can be Magic- Making your art look like real life

Camp time will be spent drawing and making art inspired by personal interests, storytelling, books, poetry, music, and contemporary artwork. Young people will experiment with a variety of drawing methods: contour line, graphing, shading, still life, comic-cartoon, and basic perspective, as well as a variety of tools such as marker and pen ink, graphite, chalk and pastel. The end result, which will reflect each child’s unique interests and personality, will be a body of drawings, of which he or she will be proud!

  • Builds Confidence
  • Develops Personal Style and Artistic Interest
  • Exposure to local and contemporary artists

Lesson Examples:

  • Street-Inspired Community Art: Illustrating Song Lyrics about Social Justice like former NYC Subway artist Keith Haring
  • Tibetan Mandala Inspired Drawing: Drawing for Peace and Mindfulness like Tibetan Monks
  • Sketchbook making/ Bookbinding: Researching and recording artistic interests like Leonarado Da Vinci
  • Character and Story Design: Manga/Anime/Cartoon Style Drawing like Takashi Murakami
  • Drawing from Life: Setting up Personalized Still Lifes like Janet Fish

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