Julia Herman

Julia graduated from Bard College with a Bachelor of Arts in History and then graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Masters in Social Work.

She was a Lead Pre-K Teacher at The Circle C Child Development Center for 3 and half years and then transitioned into working as a Children’s Social Worker at Dell Children’s Medical Center. She also worked as a child and adolescent therapist in a small private practice.

However, being in the early childhood classroom has always been her first passion. Julia made the decision to return to the teaching world in the summer of 2017 and became the Owls’ Lead Teacher at Lupine Lane.

Driven by her extensive knowledge of child development and love of storytelling and art, Julia’s unique and creative invitations within Lupine Lane’s project-based curriculum encourage students to dive fully into the themes they explore. She pours her whole heart into helping children develop courage and kindness as well as mastery over important skills. Her warmth, affection, genuine presence and utter joy in knowing each child is truly her most valuable asset.  

When she’s not teaching, Julia enjoys doing yoga, playing the harmonium (the most beautiful sound in the world!), picking wildflowers, taking walks and knitting.

Julia wants every child to feel safe being exactly who they are and is an advocate of self-compassion, finding bravery within and listening to your own voice. She is looking forward to growing in new directions and creating a loving class family with your child.


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