Mery Uzcategui

Mery is originally from Venezuela. She holds a Law degree and had her own practice with individual and corporate clients. During her early years, Mery was a professional ballet dancer. She still enjoys watching classical ballet, musicals and the arts.

Mery and her husband Alf moved to Texas in 2018, and it was then that Mery began her work as an Infant and Toddler Assistant Teacher. In 2020, Mery and Alf moved to Austin to be closer to their grandchildren, who have both been a part of the Lupine Lane family.

While Mery has had a variety of professional experiences throughout her life so far, she quickly discovered the joy of caring for and nurturing infants and toddlers, as if they were her own grandkids. The responsibility and joy of teaching and caring for children are the reasons why Mery appreciates and values working in a school where kids feel safe and loved. When this is the case, there are no limits to what a child can learn.

Mery is a proud wife, grandmother and mother of two daughters, Vanessa, her eldest, and Valentina, the youngest. Vanessa lives in Austin with her husband and her two kids, Matias and Felipe. Valentina and her husband have lived in Vancouver, Canada since 2016.

In her free time, Mery enjoys spending quality time with her family and loved ones, travelling and Zumba classes!