Due to our school’s growth, we are currently not offering parties.  We will do so again in the future and will update as soon as we are!

Cooking Parties can be adapted for any age, from 2 to 99!  During a Cooking Party, chefs will have a full kitchen experience as they make delicious food from scratch and learn about different kitchen utensils, preparation techniques and natural, nutritious ingredients.

Cooking Party prices begin at $15 per person. Parties are a minimum of $300.

A non-refundable party deposit of $100 is required to secure the date and begin planning the party.  The deposit will be put toward the final cost of the party.

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Here are the steps to create your own cooking party!

    • 1.  Begin by looking at our Cooking Party Menu Options. This diverse menu provides options for every taste.
    • 2.  After selecting a menu option, fill out the Schedule Now!
    • 3.  Lupine Lane will respond within 48 hours.
    • 4.  Submit the $100 non-refundable party deposit and Lupine Lane we will begin planning the Cooking Party!

We can also do theme/project based cooking parties, like Cupcake Wars, where children form teams, get a basket full of ingredients and cooking supplies and create different types of cupcakes. They bake them, ice them and when done, everyone is recognized for an aspect of their confection with an award.  We have also done Iron Chef Style Parties!

Cooking Party Add Ons:



Thank You Notes

Custom Decorations

Custom Pinata

Custom Cakes

Personalized Aprons

Personalized Chef Hats

Cooking Kit Party Favor

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