Shanna Kilde

I have lived in the great state of Texas since 2009. I’m originally from a small town in Minnesota–it’s such a small town that it could possibly be called a village.

I acquired my Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Minnesota State University in 2009. It was shortly thereafter my now-husband and I moved to Fort Worth, Texas. After 7 years of marriage, welcoming our daughter Kahli in 2014 and rescuing our dog Duke, we all are glad to call Texas home!

My family and I love to do anything outdoors. Living in Lakeway has opened our eyes to all the different activities that the hill country has to provide. Kahli and I love discovering new hiking trails and swimming holes.

I have worked in several different career fields but after I had my daughter something changed in me forever. I found a purpose in life that I never really expected; little humans have a funny way of doing that to you. Teaching has become my passion; I am constantly learning something new from the children that I teach and my fellow teachers. 

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”- Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie

I have been teaching and working with children since 2016 and this quote has always stuck with me. 

Whether you’re a child, a teacher or a parent, this quote can resonate with anyone who has questioned themselves. It is my job as an educator to foster each child’s belief in themself and in others. Every child is uniquely themselves and deserves our attention and intention as we guide them. It is my goal to help prepare the children I teach for all of the wonderful things they will soon accomplish.


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