Sinthea Cilliers

staff_054Sinthea Cilliers was born and raised in South Africa. She worked for the South African government at the department of health, where she met her husband. She later moved on to work at a private law firm in the finance department.

Angelique, their first child, was born in 1998, and Sinthea decided to stay at home with her daughter. When Angelique was two, her husband received an opportunity to work in Seattle, Washington and so, their small family moved to the United States in 2000.

When Angelique turned three, she started preschool. Sinthea volunteered in her class at every opportunity and fell in love with early childhood education. Then in 2002, Jacqueline was born. Sinthea enjoyed fostering her daughters’ bilingual development from birth, speaking her native language, Afrikaans, with both girls at home.

Sinthea also volunteered at church, working in the nursery and teaching Sunday School. She loved seeing the kids grow up from nursery into the older classes. Additionally, during the summers, she taught Vacation Bible School.

When her daughters were in elementary school, Sinthea was the assistant coach for three years for their soccer and basketball teams. She also spent time at the elementary school helping in classes, and her girls just loved having their mom go on field trips with them.

Sinthea lived with her family in Seattle for twelve years before deciding to move to Austin, Texas in 2013. Since moving to the United States, Sinthea and her family enjoy visiting their extended family in South Africa every few years.

Sinthea has always loved teaching young children. After moving to Texas, she immediately began babysitting and then joined Lupine Lane in the fall of 2014 as the Ducklings’ Assistant Teacher. Each child’s development and accomplishments absolutely amazes Sinthea. She is excited to continue to teach and love the children each and every day!

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