Tara Baker

Tara Baker is a teacher and an interdisciplinary artist who works in the forms of dance, music, video, and visual arts.  She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Dance from Texas Woman’s University. 

Tara has been teaching since 2004. She has taught Kindergarten, Pre-K and 2nd Grade Math. Additionally, she has lead ballet, tap, hip-hop, and modern dance classes, lego-robotic seminars and video-production seminars. Her teaching philosophy involves creating a space that encourages students to problem-solve through applications of experimentation and to demo found knowledge with objects to develop and display new understandings and insights.

In addition to teaching, Tara has been studying dance for 30 years. She puts her knowledge and skills into practice as a freelance cinematographer. She works with performers to create short dance films with a site-specific emphasis. 

Tara’s favorite objects include her camera, hula-hoop, Kindle, laptop, synthesizer and ukulele.