Does your child dream of new creations? Do you sometimes find yourself thinking, “well, that’s really innovative!?” Kids have the most creative ideas and when inspired by lessons on inventors from the past like Leonardo daVinci, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein, their wheels turn even faster and in all different directions!

This unique camp will help children learn about what inventions are and how they improve our lives. They will learn about inventions throughout history and go through the process of brain storming their own ideas for things that will help make things in their own lives more efficient. They will decide on one of their ideas to develop in a set of blueprints. As they learn about designers, engineers, patents, structure, materials, power and more, they will create a full set of drawings and written plans for an invention prototype.

Finally, they will create a 3D prototype which they will showcase on Friday at an Invention Convention! As the kids think and create, they will become aware that “the magic of life is creating something that wasn’t there before!” – Roy Spence

Lesson Examples:

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