Tyler Ingersoll

Hi! My name is Tyler Ingersoll, but you can just call me Ms. Tyler! I have worked as an early childhood educator since 2018 and have loved every minute of it, but it definitely was not what I had in mind when I was in college. I attended Texas State University in beautiful San Marcos, TX and majored in Anthropology with a focus on skeletal biology and forensic anthropology (which I still have a love for!) and minored in Geography. In my time there, I spent a lot of time at the “body farm” and studied the multitude of differences that make up people and learned a lot about what makes us who we are at the physical core, our skeletons. It was a blast! Though definitely a topic I approach with the consideration of others sensitivities.

Given that I studied Anthropology and Geography, culture and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusivity) are paramount in understanding and interacting not just with young children but with all people. When we understand the reasons behind why people are the way they are and do things the way they do, we begin to understand and see the world through their eyes. This gives us a new lens in which to view the world too, helping us to become the best version of ourselves. This, in my view, is our life long goal; to become the best versions of ourselves and share our gifts with the world, to help make it a better and a more beautiful place!

Not only have I received one Bachelor’s degree in a field that I love, but my new found love of working with children has inspired me to return to school and work towards a second Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education and Development! This is an ongoing process but I am as determined as I teach the children in my care to be! I have worked in several centers including centers that were NAEYC and Texas Rising Star accredited and have learned much in my time with them on how to be a better educator and provide a well rounded and welcoming environment for the growth and development of children.

I try to spend as much time as I can with my large, extended family. I am the oldest of four kids, a half sister on my father’s side and two adopted brothers on my mother’s side. Love them all and they mean the world to me! I spend most of my free time at home with my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I enjoy going on adventures when we go hiking and camping. In my spare time I love to read (especially Pride and Prejudice!), write, cook from scratch and create my own recipes, and play around with crafts!  I am intrigued by true crime and criminal justice and have a large knowledge bank on the subject. I also love to watch documentaries because I always learn something new and can win any FRIENDS trivia night!