Yan Ling Lo – Ms. Lynn

Hello! I’m Ms. Lynn! I was born and grew up in Shanghai, China during the early 1960’s, and I had a very unique childhood.

We did not have toys, however, friends of all ages were plentiful and always eager to play creatively. All of the kids in my community were constantly ready to jump in and make up games that we would play all day. All of the games were rich in language, and we learned a great deal about the world around us through wordplay and song. We played games like “jump over the camel”, where one of us would bend down as a camel would on four “legs”, and the rest would jump over. The child who played the camel would slowly rise up to increase the difficulty level. We would count and chant as the children tried their hardest to clear the camel. We also played a game with mahjong tiles and a bean bag. We would throw the bean bag up, counting as it flew through the air, and arrange the tiles into a pattern before the bean bag hit the ground. Through this game, we learned about shapes, colors and patterns. Another simple game I enjoyed so much was spinning a wet into the air and catching it with one finger while trying to keep it spinning. It was quite acrobatic and full of song and dance.

My most prominent childhood mentor was my Mother. She showed me, by example, how to teach myself anything that I wanted to learn. Her method was simple: just believe in yourself, jump into a new learning adventure and persevere until you’ve fully gained the knowledge or skill. She also taught me how to turn a tedious job into a fun and playful learning experience. From early on in my life, I learned how I could do anything and everything by remaining dedicated and enjoying the process.

My Mother also showed me the importance of thinking outside of the box. She was never limited or confined by tradition or convention, but rather, she was interested in the learning new things, exploring the world and constantly improving herself. Like mother like daughter, I always strive to be open, learn and fully understand myself and the world that surrounds me. After I feel confident, I concentrate on improving or creating something new. I believe that mastery brings us ultimate freedom and joy!

During my college years, I discovered my passion in learning language. I became especially interested in learning and teaching English as a second language. So, I switched my major from Chemistry to English. After graduation, I stayed on campus to teach ESL.

My family moved to the United States in 1990. I stayed home with our two children until they went to college. As my kids took their next step in education, I felt compelled to return to teaching. However, this time, instead of ESL, I taught Chinese as a second language. I helped develop and launch the first Chinese language program in Old Bridge Township, New Jersey. Within three years, the program expanded from two classes in the high school into several classes at two middle schools.

Now, as I join the wonderful Lupine Lane team, I cannot contain my excitement! Through my total dedication as their teacher, my goal is to guide the Lupine Lane kids to develop Chinese language knowledge and skill. But perhaps more importantly, I hope to share and instill the joy of learning and inspire the kids to grow within themselves every single day!


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