The Ducklings’ Derby Day (18 Months to 2.5 Years)

This will begin a series of posts on the most prominent Topic Studies from each classroom at our school during the school year! We are excited to share all of the things the kids and teachers have been working on and how amazing Topic Studies are for kids learning and development.

From Ms. Phoebe and Ms. Sinthea

Making Derby Bonnets

The Ducklings’ spent a week in May exploring the Kentucky Derby.

Hard at work making a Derby Bowtie

We did many activities to engage them in the excitement for the fastest two minutes of racing in history.

Painting Ponies

The Ducklings’ made paper plate ponies, enjoyed Benedictine sandwiches for snack and even had traditional Kentucky hot browns for lunch.

Off to the Races!

They also decorated hats made from paper plates/bowls and bow-ties made from foam.

Even heavy rain can’t stop these horses!

To top off our week of learning about the Kentucky Derby we had races with pool noodle ponies and celebrated with derby cupcakes once the races were complete.

Giddy Up!

The Ducklings had a ton of fun learning about horses, racing and celebrating this special event, close to Ms. Phoebe’s heart since it’s from her hometown!