Genre Camps – 5 Years and Older

5 Years and Older

Monday through Friday, 9a to 2p
Morning Care, 8a to 9a and After Care, 2p to 4:30p
Lupine Lane’s Genre Camps allow older children to focus on their primary interests.  Children will have an entire week to fully explore a subject that intrigues them.  Camp guides are experts in their field, allowing for in depth discussions of the area and a focus on developing proficient skills that children will be able to expand on and utilize after camp.
Each Wednesday afternoon prior to camp, we email camper parents more info, including the Weekly Intentions, classroom info and general information, which you can preview here: 2024 Summer Camp Information

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June 3 to 7 

Fizzle, Bubble, Pop and WOW! Science – Senses of wonder, of curiosity, of inquiry and the energy and eagerness to pursue the “what” and “why” of everything are the elements that make young children scientists. This zany and fun summer session will delight the natural scientist in every child. Rich hands-on opportunities will be provided to inspire burgeoning scientists to explore, question, hypothesize, observe, experiment, reach empirical conclusions and represent results of discoveries.

June 10 to 14

The Heart of Art – Drawing is at the heart of artistic expression. Some of our first memories of art were drawing— the smell of a new box of Crayola, the allure of a blank piece of paper. Drawing can be paper and crayons, but also much more! In “The Heart of Drawing” children will be introduced to themed projects each day— some familiar and some new!

June 17 to 21

Leadership – This week provides a focus on relevant topics in the lives of young people. This enriching and fulfilling camp encourages kids to look within to learn about themselves and address vital issues present in every child’s  life including self-esteem, goal setting, time and stress management, conflict resolution, effective communication skills and public speaking.  Each day is highly interactive and encourages communication among peers, in order for kids to further develop an understanding of others.  In addition to structured activities, sessions provide an open and accepting forum for kids to express their thoughts and feelings.  Each young leader is smart, strong and capable of making a difference in the world. This week-long camp strives to assist kids in recognizing their full potential!

June 24 to 28

Design to Build – Rome wasn’t built in a day, but in a week, campers will experience the work and wonder of designing and constructing their very own model building. First, we will discover what is behind a wall of a building. Then, we will consider the different parts that are required to be able to use the building as well as the many materials and tools used in construction. Campers then consider a reason people in their community or in the world beyond could need or want a building and write down what their building’s use will be. Then, they will design the building they have have described in detail. Following the design, they will use assorted materials to put a model together, using their own hands. At the culmination of the week, campers will present their completed model and receive a certificate of occupancy so they can take their building home or to the city planner!

No Camp: July 1 to 4

Happy Fourth of July!

Week 6: July 8 to 12

Imagination Theatre – Children will have the opportunity to adapt a story that they know and love into a play. We will implement all aspects of the theatre into each adaptation including costume and set design. Children will gain confidence and develop knowledge of performance as they enjoy the thrill of the theatre.

July 15 to 19

Fashion Design – Kids love to take everyday items and turn them into something fantastical. So many enjoy creating new and interesting things to wear, adding some pizzazz to their everyday clothing! During this week, kids will learn about textiles and planning how to make a garment. They will create sketches of ideas for shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, capes and more and then plan out materials they will use to create one of their ideas. They will learn sewing techniques and how to use different materials to create a fashion masterpiece!

Lego Jedi Engineering – The Force Awakens in this introductory engineering course for young Jedi! Explore engineering principles by designing and building projects using LEGO® materials such as X-Wings, R2 Units, Energy Catapults, Defense Turrets, and Settlements from a galaxy far, far away. Create motorized and architectural projects with imagination and engineering to defeat the Empire!

July 22 to 26

A Story, A Story: Folktales and Dance – As long as humans have had the ability to communicate, they have been telling stories. During this interactive week, kids will create a giant paper stuffed animal as they learn about animals across the world. Then, they will use their creation as inspiration to write a folktale, while reading several folktales from history. They will learn about story elements and character development as they craft their tale. Finally, they will then learn how to use movement and song to tell their story. The week will culminate in a dance performance of their folktale–the kids will have great fun experimenting with costume design and stage makeup to enhance their performance.

July 29 to August 2 

The Invention Convention – Does your child dream of new creations? Do you sometimes find yourself thinking, “well, that’s really innovative!?” Kids have the most creative ideas and when inspired by lessons on inventors from the past like Leonardo daVinci, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein, their wheels turn even faster and in all different directions! This unique camp will help children learn about what inventions are and how they improve our lives. They will learn about inventions throughout history and go through the process of brain storming their own ideas for things that will help make things in their own lives more efficient. They will decide on one of their ideas to develop  a set of blueprints. As they learn about designers, engineers, patents, structure, materials, power and more, they will create a full set of drawings and written plans for an invention prototype. Finally, they will create a 3D prototype which they will showcase on Friday at an Invention Convention! As the kids think and create, they will become aware that “the magic of life is creating something that wasn’t there before!” – Roy Spence

August 5 to 9

Elementary School 101 – Is your child entering Elementary School in the Fall? Ready for a mental jump start after a long, hot summer? Join Lupine Lane for a week-long Elementary School Readiness camp to get your child’s brain juices flowing and ready for an exciting new year in elementary school. Skills include writing first and last name, A-Z upper and lowercase construction, number construction and Fry Top 100 sight words. Social and growth skills include hand raising, journal writing, tying shoelaces and reviewing important information about themselves.


We have two enrollment options:

1. Tuition Continuance

  • Secures a child’s seat in our Miniput, Lilliput or Traveler camps for the entire summer.
  • Children 5 and older have the option of selecting weeks of Genre Camps if they’d like.
  • There is a $100 enrollment fee and tuition is charged on the first of June, July and August according to selections.
  • Tuition Continuance Enrollment begins February 6, 2024 for Currently Enrolled Families and February 13, 2024 for everyone else.
  • Click to view Camp 2024 Tuition Continuance Pricing

2. Weekly Enrollment

  • Camp weeks are selected, along with lunch and/or after care and payment is made upon enrollment.
  • Weekly Enrollment will begin on March 1, 2024 for those who are not currently enrolled in our school.
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