Our Philosophy

At Lupine Lane, we provide children with relevant, safe, natural, real world experiences in a developmentally appropriate manner. We believe in building a strong and caring foundation with each child and his or her family by taking a true interest in the intricacies and unique qualities of the individual child, providing a welcoming, comfortable environment and maintaining frequent and pertinent communication with each child and the people involved in the child’s life.

Furthermore, we believe that children are capable of extraordinary accomplishments, especially when they have a safe, loving environment, developmentally appropriate lessons, activities and materials, as well as guidance, support and encouragement. We provide children with lessons, activities and materials that foster a natural sense of curiosity, as well as cognitive, social/emotional, creative and physical development.

We believe that the process is equally important to the product. This equality is due to the fact that the product is a manifestation of the process, allowing for a deeper, clearer understanding of the process that occurred to achieve the end result. It is not the quality of the product that is of great importance, but rather its existence, which provides a sense of completion and reaching a goal, builds self-confidence and provides opportunity to reflect.

We believe that progressive projects provide an abundance of opportunities for goal setting, self-regulation, building attention span and work ethic, reflection of the learning and creative processes and provide a wonderful, rewarding sense of accomplishment.

We also feel that documenting the child’s day and processes are important, in order for the child and those in the child’s life to have a visual and written record of how the child learns. During early childhood, it is wonderful for parents, teachers and caretakers to understand and encourage the child’s learning style in order to best tailor a pathway for the child’s education. Visual and written records also help the child to recall processes and experiences from which they learned.

Moreover, we believe that experiences inside and outside of the classroom are equally important. We strive to provide children with knowledge, skills and confidence within the classroom as well as ample time outdoors, in nature and within the local community. Relevant experiences outside of the classroom enable the lessons, activities and materials within the classroom to come alive and achieve greater meaning and depth in a child’s mind.

At Lupine Lane, we believe children are first and foremost people with an insatiable curiosity of the world. The more fully their sense of wonder, thoughts and dreams are developed, the greater knowledge, skills and confidence they will have progress to larger concepts. Through guiding the whole child, cognitively, social/emotionally, creatively and physically, we provide the foundation for each child to grow and flourish brilliantly.