Lupine Lane strives to instill worldly knowledge, practical skills, respect of self and others, self-confidence and a love for creativity in every child. Our prime intention is to guide the whole child using integrated, play-based, experiential education.

As you know, there are many philosophies in the early childhood education world. Because of this, there are many options for you to consider when deciding your child’s educational path.

At Lupine Lane, we believe that every child has unique talents that should be celebrated and fostered. Every child is capable of flourishing. Our goal is to ensure that we are best serving children and their family.

Through experience, we’ve found that each child’s unique learning style and personal may benefit more from certain philosophies and environments than others.  In order to ensure that Lupine Lane will best serve your child and family, we’ve developed a process to engage the child, their family and our school.

In addition, for your consideration, here is a schedule of our tuition.


GET TO KNOW US:  Please read through our FAMILY HANDBOOK to get to know our school.

SCHOOL TOUR:  SCHEDULE A SCHOOL TOUR. We ask that all families come tour our school. We ask that you bring your child with you to your tour.

ENROLLMENT:  If all parties agree that Lupine Lane is a fit for the child and family, we will send the family a private enrollment link. A child’s spot is secured when the form is successfully submitted.

**If there are no spaces available, you may submit our Wait List Form. Your child’s space on the waitlist is dependent upon the time and date stamp on the submitted form.**


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