Our Story

In Barbara Cooney’s children’s book Miss Rumphius, Alice’s grandfather tells her that she must make the world a more beautiful place during her life.  When Alice grows into a woman, she decides to fulfill that goal by planting lupine seeds, which grow into tall, colorful blooms that decorate the landscape.  The perennial flowers come back each spring to make the green hills vibrant with color and fragrance for all to enjoy.

When Lauren Boyle, the creator of Lupine Lane, was a young girl, her father read her this book nearly every night, at her request.  She was captivated by the idea of making a difference in the world and inspiring that same will in others, especially young people.  Throughout her childhood and even still, Lauren has always had a hand in creative materials from paint to pasta making.  It has been through these activities that Lauren has gained a sense of fulfillment and self-confidence.

Naturally, Lauren wanted to share these activities with others.  Through her travels, she found another joy: learning about other cultures.  Lauren combined the idea of guiding kids through creative activities with learning about other cultures around the world and Lupine Lane was born.

Lupine Lane offers a variety of creative enrichment activities to toddlers, school age children, preteens, teens and adults.  The knowledge and skills that participants gain provide personal development and fulfillment for all ages.  Lupine Lane is a place to cultivate creative expression as individuals grow, flourish and make the world a more beautiful place.

Here is an update from July 2013, just after breaking ground on our school.  Since then, we have moved into our state-of-the-art, brand new school in Rough Hollow, located at 1001 Highlands Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78738!  Contact us at 512-900-1090 for a tour today!

View photos of the new school here!

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