3 to 4 Years Old
Children must be potty independent.
Monday through Friday, 9a to 2p
Morning Care, 8a to 9a and After Care, 2p to 4:30p

Lupine Lane’s Lilliput Camps allow young people to thrive in a safe and loving environment.  Teachers strive to ensure that each child understands that he or she is important, strong, intelligent and valued.  Our priority is that children feel comfortable in the classroom as they learn, create and grow as an individual.  We maintain low student/teacher ratios to allow ample interaction with each unique child.  We utilize an integrated, emergent approach, where teachers serve as guides for the children.  Our themes are rich and open ended, allowing children to explore and expand their thoughts and ideas as they process lessons, classroom materials and activities.  Through every week, the children will create and develop a multidimensional project based on the current theme, which we will celebrate on Fridays.  Each day will be an exploration of the theme through art, literacy, math, science, group and individual time and, of course and most vitally, play!

To sign up for the entire summer or tuition continuance, email us.

Summer Camp 2021

Sensational Explorations | June 7 – 11 | Optical illusions, symphonic melodies, delectable flavors, herbal bouquets, and soft, squishy mixtures all delight the senses and offer lots of hands on learning!

Cars! Trucks! Planes! Trains! Things That Go! June 14 – 18 | From wheels and automobiles to wings and planes, through the week, children will create a mode of transportation based on a real model or one from their imagination.

The World of Insects and Creepy Crawlers | June 21 – June 25 | Children will unearth various marvels of the insect world, learning about the supernatural strength of the ant, the amazing flight of the monarchs, and the efficiency of the bees.

Thrilled to Build! Construction Camp | June 28 – July 2 | Rome wasn’t built in a day, but in a week, children will experience the wonder of designing, planning and constructing their very own model building.

Soccer Shots | July 5 -9 | Learn or hone soccer skills, make friends, engage in teamwork and have a great time with Soccer Shots and their stellar coaches!

Three, Two, One, Blast Off! | July 12 – 16 | Mars! Jupiter! Pluto! The Asteroid Belt! The universe is vast and intriguing! Children will enter into an out of this world experience for the week as we explore planets, stars and rockets!

Bubble, Bubble, Pop! Do the Science Bop! | July 19 – 23 | Children are scientists by nature and this week they will make discoveries that will illuminate their minds and create a sense of wonder and intrigue.

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! Flight Discovery | July 26 – 30 | Flying, soaring, wheeling through the air! Children will explore objects that can fly, from kites, blimps and hot-air balloons as well as to birds, helicopters and planes.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes! The Human Body | August 2 – 6 | Kids will explore human anatomy and learn about the muscular system, the skeleton and more through sensory activities, gross and fine motor exercises and art.

Wonderful Water Works August 9 – 13 | Water, water, everywhere! How do we move it from here to there? Kids will design and build an irrigation system and create art by using liquids and have a great deal of playtime in the water!

Color My World | August 16 – 20 | Fuschia! Cerulean! Jade! Persimmon! Our world is full of color! Children will experience the richness and complexity of the color spectrum as we explore color using a variety of mediums.

Soccer Shots | August 23 – 27 | Learn or hone soccer skills, make friends, engage in teamwork and have a great time with Soccer Shots and their stellar coaches!


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