Kind Words

“Lupine Lane is a wonderful school where both my sons received a quality preschool education in a caring and supportive environment. When I toured Lupine Lane, I knew immediately it was the best preschool for my kids. The school itself is a bright, clean building filled with books with a beautiful garden and playground outside. The teachers are dedicated to the students, professional, and happy to be at work.

My older son attended for a year and a half and had a wonderful experience in Ms. Julie and Ms. Theresa’s Owl class. He effortlessly learned his letters and sight words without flashcards or worksheets. The kids worked on long-term projects and crafts everyday. They also worked in the school garden and learned about bugs and composting. My son made an easy transition to kindergarten at public school where he started reading books after six months. He still says today how much he misses Lupine Lane.

My younger son started as a Duckling at 22 months in Ms. Phoebe’s and Ms. Sinthea’s class. He loved his teachers from the first week and blossomed socially in the calm and protective atmosphere of the Duckling classroom. My son was also a Penguin with Ms. Kayla and Ms. Linda, both excellent, fun-loving, and responsible teachers.

At the beginning of the week, teachers send out a detailed email describing the activities for the week. Each week’s material builds on the last week’s, and at the end of each learning phase, teachers send reports summarizing the kids’ activities. Teachers also post hundreds of pictures on the class shutterfly site so parents can see what the kids are doing.

The school administration are responsive and help plan seasonal activities that bring the families together, such as Fall Fest, Thanksgiving lunch, gingerbread house decorating, and spring fest. Mr. Carl prepares the school snacks of fruits and vegetables and also cooks healthy school lunches for the kids. The school also has weekly summer programs that are safe and fun. I like having the option in the summer to send my kids to a familiar place with teachers they know.

Both my sons love the school, and that is the best evidence for me that it is a great school!”

– Camille Hoff

“My daughter is in her 2nd year at Lupine Lane and is currently a Hummingbird. I can’t say enough good things about Lupine Lane. My husband and I both work full time and as any mom, I was hesitant to drop my daughter off anywhere!
The staff has been very friendly, always approachable, loving to our children and have exceeded our expectations. My daughter loves going to school each day and it’s nice to know she has so much fun at her school. They teach our kiddos in a way that is fun and exciting—I have seen all of them progress so much! We plan to send our daughter to Lupine Lane through Kindergarten.”

– Lynley Ripple

“Lupine Lane’s programs for 2-4 year olds are fantastic. Each class abounds with creativity and enthusiasm. Lauren Boyle is an enabler of the individual child’s development. Toddlers develop self confidence and social skills as well as enhanced artistic, musical and practical skills. Lauren’s background in child development as well as child psychology gives her the rare ability to quickly react to the particular development needs of the individual young child while continuing the group exercise. We highly recommend these clases. As our 20 month old grandson says, ‘More, More, More!'”

– Mike and Kitty Lichty

“My son has developed immensely since attending the Lupine Lane classes. Lauren has not only helped my son become comfortable in a class setting she has also opened his attention to music and art. She has been a tremendous asset for our family and we look forward to every week of class.”

– Erin Williams

“Lauren’s cooking class has been such a joy for my two boys. They tell me it’s been their favorite class since moving to Austin last year. It also has taught them about the process of how the food they eat is made and what it takes to make food, not to mention they try new foods and learn about different cultures.”

– Carla Repetto

“Lupine Lane classes have made Harmony open up to try new things and develop new interests. She really started to get into painting and cooking and reading at home after taking the classes. Thank you so much!”

– Diana Law

“My daughter just LOVES her weekly art class with Ms. Lauren! She wakes up singing the “hello song” to all our pets and takes pride in her beautiful art projects on display throughout our home. The lessons Lauren creates are both creative and meaningful. Attending class together is one of our favorite activities!”

– Diane Hance

“Our 22 month old daughter absolutely LOVES Lupine Lane classes! Lauren has a wonderful demeanor with the kids – they enjoy every minute of her classes. The cooking class is especially unique as they create fun dishes like ravioli, homemade ice-cream, homemade cones, etc. Lauren is always prepared for the unexpected – and has a way with the little ones to make each class a true learning experience! I am so excited to have found the Lupine Lane classes – we look forward to Thursdays every week!”

– Wendy Lancaster

“We’ve found Lupine Lane to be a magical weekly experience! The music classes are fun and really engage the children. My toddler loves singing the songs way after the classes, usually at the bathtime, and she’s also picked up a few new dance moves! She also really loves the cooking class and has so much fun every week. Thank you Lauren, for creating such a creative and fun environment and for being such a fabulous teacher!”

– Lyanne Millhouse

“We love the classes at Lupine Lane. My oldest participates in the cooking class and the younger one is in the art class. They both love their time there. It’s amazing how much they learn and create in a great nurturing and fun environment. Lauren is great with kids and a joy to be around. My kids look forward to what they are going to make every week and we look forward to what they bring home. As the oldest says – ‘I want to cook everyday.’ What a confidence builder.”

– MK

“Lauren is young, energetic, fun and AWESOME with children! My daughters came straight home and put their little fish bowls in the middle of our kitchen table and filled them up with water and put their ‘sharks’ inside! They sprinkled a little pepper (we pretended it is fish food) in the bowl and they keep going back to check on them! 🙂 It’s really cute! 🙂 They are sooo excited to show Daddy what they made!”

– Lynda Acuna

“Lauren is fantastic! She creates a fun and unique experience for the kiddos. My daughter takes Absoultely Art, Fun With Photography, and Kinder Cooks. She especially loved making the crab cakes, windchimes, and the IPOD pictures. She would count down the days until her next class. And, of course, you can’t beat the convenience of Lupine Lane coming to our community!”

– Sara Bogan

“My son developed a special bond with Lauren right from the start. She connects with children in a way that makes every class memorable. Her classes have given my son the opportunity to interact with other children as well as learn from a variety of activities and interests. We plan to continue with Lupine Lane as long as possible.”

– Kris McGinnis

“Lauren welcomes us to her classroom with a warm smile and positive attitude. She truly loves working with children and their parents/nannies. I have been so impressed with her passion of creating hands-on learning environment. Her loving and sincere personality attracts children and parents/nannies from the very first class, GUARANTEED!!”

– Leya Ognoskie

“I want to thank Lupine Lane for giving my son the opportunity to enhace his skills in cooking, music and art. He is always SO excited to learn new things and share them with us. I HIGHLY recommend Lupine Lane classes to everyone. Lauren is not only an exceptional teacher but also a wonderful person!”

– Andrea Ramsey

“My daughter enjoys all the program classes given at Lupine Lane. She has learned many musical methods, has made beautiful art projects and the meals she has cooked are not only fun to make but also delicious. Lauren and Carl are very nurturing and passionate teachers.”

– Dorina DiGennaro

“My daughter thoroughly enjoys the classes she has taken through Lupine Lane. Ms. Lauren is engaging, energetic and is so good with the children, intuitively connecting with each student. The classes and activities are creative, fun, well planned and educational. My daughter has especially enjoyed Kinder Cooks and has a developed a new appreciation for the process of cooking – prepping the ingredients, cooking, serving, and, equally important, nutrition and safety. She has always loved to ‘help’ in the kitchen, but she is now much more truly helpful. Thank you Ms. Lauren!”

– Elizabeth D.

“I just want to take this time to thank Lupine Lane for the great learning experience my daughter had in Fun With Photography and Absolutely Art. She looked forward to class and often talked about how she loved being in Lauren’s class. My daughter took a liking to Lauren her first day and enthusiastically talked about the work she did in the class. I feel Lauren has influenced my daughter positively and given her insight in what she is capable of doing. I hope to continue using Lupine Lane as a resource in the future and look forward to an enriching and positive environment for my daughter.”

– Daniel Delenela

“Ben had a WONDERFUL time attending classes with Lupine Lane. He participated in art, music and photography and enjoyed every moment. The activities held his interest and were age appropriate. He looked forward to returning each week and we will definitely sign up for classes in the future.”

– Barb Edwards

“My son loves Lauren’s cooking class. Every week he is so excited to go and try new foods and food preparation techniques. I love how each child is completely involved from start to finish. Lauren always has something new and different to engage and excite the kids. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Lauren truly has a gift for working with kids!”

– Nicole Callaway

“‘Lauren is great!’ That’s all my four year old can say about her! My daughter has had a chance to experience other teachers but always talks about Lauren’s classes and her wonderful experiences with Lauren. Lauren puts in a great deal of hard work and in turn my child always has a magnificent time with Lauren. I, as a parent, enjoy the satisfaction my child gets from all of Lauren’s classes and would recommend Lupine Lane to anyone!”

– Mrs. Roxanne Valadez

“Our family can’t thank Lauren enough. Our son, due to his premature birth, has been kept away from classroom settings until this summer when he was almost three. By Lauren making the classes fun, educational and comfortable, our son easily transitioned from very small playgroups to a little larger, instructor led classroom setting. The first day, Jackson wanted to stand by the door, but the very next day he was listening to Miss Lauren, taking in what she had to say and having fun with all his friends in class. Lauren is extremely patient and friendly. You can see why all the kids love and listen to Lauren. Tyler, his little brother enjoyed watching and learning too! We can’t thank Lauren enough and can’t wait to take more classes from her. Thank you, Lauren!”

– Kyle, Erica, Jackson and Tyler Spiess