Lupine Lane’s wait list is used in two circumstances:
-In the event that a class is full, you may wish to add your child to our wait list in order to reserve a spot when one becomes available.
-In the event that your child is not yet old enough or ready to attend Lupine Lane, you may wish to add your child to our wait list in order to reserve a spot when your child is ready.

We ask that you please begin the Steps to Enrollment with us before placing your child on the wait list. At the time of the tour, an administrator will give you information regarding the availability of your desired class.

After completing the Steps to Enrollment and finding that Lupine Lane is the right fit for your child, if one of the above circumstances occurs, you may wish to put your child’s name on the wait list.

Signing up for the wait list will not automatically enroll your child at Lupine Lane. You will be asked to complete registration and enrollment when a spot opens up.

To add your child to our wait list, please fill out the necessary information and submit the nonrefundable $50 fee via our Wait List Form online.

Please be aware that this fee is used to secure your child’s spot on the wait list.  The fee will not be refunded if you decide not to enroll, and it will not applied to your enrollment fee. We will contact you when we have a spot for your child. Those on the wait list will be contacted according to the order in which they signed up.

Want to join the Wait List class? Click REGISTER to complete the application!
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