Daily Schedule

*This is an example of a daily schedule. Teachers will post and send their specific schedule, which will be developed according to each classroom community’s needs. Each class will have the following elements included in their schedule.

Opening Centers and Greeting Circle

Children begin the day in various self-guided centers as the class arrives.  These activities allow children to ease into the classroom environment as they prepare to begin the day. Most classes have an opportunity for children to sign in and perhaps engage in focused work. After most children arrive, accomplish their morning tasks and have an opportunity to transition into the school day, the daily welcome begins. Children move into circle time with the teacher, which includes a welcome song, recognizing achievements both within and outside of Lupine Lane and an introduction to the day. Children also have the opportunity to serve themselves a healthy morning snack during this time.  (8:30a-9:30a)

Outdoor and Gardening Time

Children will have time outdoors to garden, explore nature and perhaps begin the lessons of the day.  (9:30-10:30a)

Teacher Tables and Independent Centers

Teachers begin this portion of the day with circle time. This generally includes the entire class gathering together to enjoy a book, song or large group activity and following up with an engaging and interactive discussion, connecting the lesson to the current topic study. Then, children break into small groups to work, play and explore autonomously.  Teachers will occupy one to two “Teacher Tables” and offer guided instruction and activities, connected to their circle time lesson. Teachers use this time to work with the kids in developing projects, in coordination with their current topic study. Each child visits the “Teacher Tables” in the course of this time period. In addition, there are up to six other centers open for independent exploration and self guided activities and small group interaction.  (10:30a-12:00p)

Lunch and Outdoor Time

Children eat a nutritious lunch and then head outside, weather permitting.  During days where temperature or precipitation does not allow for outside time, we have indoor play, which will encourage gross motor activity.  (12:00p-1:00p)

Circle Time and Rest Time

Children return to the classroom, rehydrate and join in circle time to learn and discuss their current topic study further.  There will also be the option to rest or take a nap for children under 5, which could extend into centers and large group activities, if the child needs.  (1:00p-1:15p)

Teacher Tables and Independent Centers/Large Group Activities

Final centers and teacher tables or large group activities.  (1:15p-2:15p)

Parting Circle

Each day ends with a parting circle time.  We review the day and everyone contributes something that they learned or felt during the day.  We sing our good-bye song and the children are accompanied to meet their parent outside of the classroom.  (2:15p-2:30p)