The Travelers – 4 to 6 Years

4 to 6 Years Old (for children currently in a 4 to 6 year old classroom)
Monday through Friday, 9a to 2p
Morning Care, 8a to 9a and After Care, 2p to 4:30p

Lupine Lane’s Traveler Camps allow young people to thrive in a safe and loving environment.  Teachers strive to ensure that each child understands that he or she is important, strong, intelligent and valued.  Our priority is that children feel comfortable in the classroom as they learn, create and grow as an individual.  We maintain low student/teacher ratios to allow ample interaction with each unique child.  We utilize an integrated, emergent approach, where teachers serve as guides for the children.  Our themes are rich and open ended, allowing children to explore and expand their thoughts and ideas as they process lessons, classroom materials and activities.  Through every week, the children will create and develop a multidimensional project based on the current theme, which we will celebrate on Fridays.  Each day will be an exploration of the theme through art, science, math, reading, group and individual time and, of course and most vitally, play!

To sign up for the entire summer or tuition continuance, email us.


Summer Camp 2022

Exploring the Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air

Soccer Shots | May 31 – June 3 | Join Soccer Shots at Lupine Lane for fun with soccer skills! ***Must be potty independent!***

Where is Earth in Your Body? | June 6 – 10 | Explore anatomy through movement, art and science! Create skeletons, robotic hands, unbreakable bones and explore the senses!

Planets and The Solar System | June 13 – 17 | Explore Earth’s layers! Create rocket launchers and jet packs! Play with moon dust, rocks and constellations!

Recycling! Let’s Go Green! | June 20 – 24 | Construct buildings and houses from newspaper! Learn about seeds, trees and make recycled paper!

Where is Air in Your Body? | June 27 – July 1 | Learn about how the lungs work and create a model! Experiment with vacuums, compressed air and floating objects!

No Camp | July 4 – 8 | Happy Fourth of July!

Things That Fly!: Planes, Kites, Bubbles, Balloons! | July 11 – 15 | Explore aerodynamics, wings, balloons, bubbles, parachutes and more! Create launchers, planes, a kite and bubbles and practice flying tricks!

Where is Water in Your Body? | July 18 – 22 | Splash! Spill! Pour! Learn about the water cycle, the water we drink and how to keep our water clean!

Go With the Flow! – Oceans, Lakes, Rivers and Streams | July 25 – 29 | Explore buoyancy and flow! Build a boat and a river and set sail!

Skate, Swim, Float! – The Three Phases of Water | August 1 – 5 | Experiment with the three stages of water! Build an irrigation system! Create an ice sculpture and other liquid masterpieces!

Where is Fire in Your Body? | August 8 – 12 | What makes us tick? Create a model heart! Build an obstacle course! Dance, run in the relay and see how our heart works!

Fun in the Sun! | August 15 – 19 | Build a lemonade stand, make snow cones and learn all about the sun! Bake solar cookies, make sun prints and watermelon explosions!

Sportball | August 22 – 26 | Join Sportball at Lupine Lane for a week of honing skills in sports like soccer, basketball, golf and more! ***Must be potty independent!***