Helpful Tips

What are the steps to enroll my child in school at Lupine Lane?

Please see our Steps to Enrollment page for detailed information, including our thorough Family Handbook and how to submit your information for a tour.

How do I find and sign up for classes?

The Classes tab on our home page is one way to find a class.  And, the Class Finder allows you to set parameters to find the perfect class for you!

What if my child is not the exact age that you specify for the class but would like to participate?

The age ranges are simply guidelines. Each parent knows their child best. If you feel he or she is ready to participate but is outside the age range, contact us and we can arrange for your child to be in the best class for his or her needs.

Can parents stay with their children at school or in a class?

While we realize it is interesting to watch your child learn and create, we want to give each child equal time and attention, which becomes difficult when some parents are present and some are not. In addition, we strive to foster independent growth while the kids are at school and have found this works well when the child is given the time and space to be independent. We thank you for understanding. We will provide ample opportunities for families to join classes through field trips and special events. If you are looking for a class where you can be with your child, our Mommy and Me classes are designed for both the child and the parent to participate together.

Should my child bring an apron or a smock to cooking and art classes?

We have aprons (and chef hats!) for all Cooking classes. And, we also have smocks (that will fit kids and parents as well!) for Art classes. Or, your child may bring their own aprons or smocks. However, it is still a good idea to wear old clothes that your child can get messy. If you will be participating in a Mommy and Me Class or special event through our school, it is best to wear old clothes yourself. Often times, paint and food can wind up in the craziest places!

Why the name “Lupine Lane”?

One of Lauren’s favorite books as a child was Miss Rumphius.  When Lauren was a little girl, she requested that her father read it to her every night.  Miss Rumphius felt she needed to make the world a more beautiful place and did so by scattering lupine seeds over the countryside.  Because they read the book every night together, Lauren’s Dad began calling her “Lauren Lupine.” It stuck, and when Lauren was living in Colorado, she lived near a street named Lupine Lane. It seemed to be the perfect name for a bright and colorful place where kids create, learn and grow, all while making the world a more beautiful place, just like Miss Rumphius!