Wish List

While we work diligently to provide all of the resources and people to make each family’s experience at Lupine Lane absolutely magical, we recognize that collaboration with parent volunteers and donations can only further enrich the environment and overall community of our school. Because of this, we would like to outline some materials and services that we call a “wish list”.

We accept recyclable, open-ended materials, such as the ones listed below on a continual basis. We love teaching our kids about the importance of recycling and reusing goods to prevent waste and protect our environment. Repurposing household items is also a great way to spark children’s imaginations and allow them to see endless possibilities other than just the one intended use. Another great resource for items for classroom use can be the leftovers at industrial businesses. Small pieces are often thrown out as trash, but may make perfect items for open-ended play or creative projects. So, take a look around at work and at home and see if there’s any scraps you can salvage! Not sure if we can use it? Ask us! The items below are current needs/suggestions, but we’d love to see what you’ve got and if we can use it we’ll let you know!

If you or someone you know can volunteer or donate these materials or services, please contact us! Thank you for your ongoing support of Lupine Lane.

Recycled Materials

Paper Items
– Toilet Paper Rolls
– Paper Towel Rolls
– Newspaper
– Magazines
– Kleenex Boxes
– Cereal Boxes
– Moving Boxes
– Shoe Boxes
– Paper Grocery Bags
– Shredded Paper
– Paper Scraps (i.e. old tissue, construction, or wrapping paper)
– Pizza Boxes

Plastic Items
– Milk Jugs
– 2 Liter Bottles
– Small Plastic Containers with Lids (i.e. carry out, yogurt)
– Water Bottles
– Condiment/Spice Bottles
– Plastic Grocery Bags

Kitchen Items
– Kitchen Strainer
– Funnels
– Old Kitchen Utensils
– Tupperware
– Blenders (still working)
– Glass Jars (i.e. mason, baby food)

Miscellaneous Items
– Metal Cans
– Packing Peanuts
– Bubble Wrap
– Small Plastic Kid’s Pool
– Pallets
– Nails


– Big Books

– Trees and Plants

– Wooden Playhouses (we would like to organize a group who can build these from a kit for the new building)

– Radio Frequency Inventory System


– Garden Volunteer

– Library Volunteer

– Volunteer/Event Coordinator