Mayerlin Lizarazo

My name is Mayerlin, and I am from Venezuela. I have lived in Austin since 2021 with my family.

In 2009, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with majors in both physical and natural sciences from Los Andes University in Merida, Venezuela.

Just before graduating University, I began teaching Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at Francisco de Miranda Bolivarian High School. I designed different evaluation instruments for my students as I taught, and those methods of evaluation are still used there today.

While teaching high school, I returned to Los Andes University and earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Evaluation in 2016.

In 2018, I made the decision to make the transition to teaching preschool, as I have always enjoyed working with young children. I began teaching at Presbiter Jose Ignacio Olivares School in Merida. I enjoyed applying my knowledge of human development and child psychology as I worked with sweet little ones in their first school experience.

I found that I love working the youngest children most of all, as there is so much they are discovering about the wonderful world in which we all live. I love taking care of the kids and learning along with them as they develop in all areas and grow.

Teaching is my passion, and I’m excited to be at Lupine Lane, a bright and happy place, where I get to use my knowledge and creativity to guide the kids with love, each and every day.