Andrea Verde

Hi! My name is Andrea Verde, and I was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. I am so excited to be joining Lupine Lane! 

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychopedagogy, which I find to be the perfect combination between psychology and education. I graduated from Universidad de Monterrey in 2014 and while studying, I began working in the early childhood education field. I started as a teacher aide in an international school and the following school year, I became lead teacher. Additionally, I worked in a Center for learning disabilities, where I planned the personalized intervention program for each student and did one on one sessions. I am very grateful for these opportunities since not only did I learn a lot, but I was able to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher and have an impact on young children’s development and continuous growth.  

Fast forward, my husband and I got married in July 2016 and we moved to Barcelona, Spain to pursue our postgraduate studies; my husband earned his MBA and I earned a Master in Psychoanalysis for Children and Young Adults at ECPNA-UB. During my studies, I interned in a mental health center. It was a very powerful and enriching opportunity, as I was able to work alongside other psychologists, providing therapy to children. 

Later on, we moved to Hong Kong for a semester while my husband was part of an exchange program; I was truly impressed by the uniqueness of this city. After finishing our studies, we decided to move to Hamburg, Germany where we both worked in a Fintech company. This was a first for me, as I had always worked with children and in a school setting, however, I found the experience to be positively challenging and educational.  

In 2020, we decided to move closer to family, and Austin was the perfect place for us. Plus, it was always our dream to live here. That year, we had our first daughter, Alana, and in 2022, we welcomed our second daughter, Emma. Being a mother definitely awakened my teaching passion, and I am so excited to be back in a classroom, doing what I truly love.