Lupine Lane began with two people, Lauren and Carl. Now, we have grown to a wonderful, large family full of vibrant, accomplished people who have joined the team to cultivate the core philosophy every day. The term “the more the merrier” is incredibly apropos!

Click each person’s name to learn more about their dynamic education and unique experiences!

Donna Boyle


Lauren Boyle

Founder, Flamingos’ Support and Curriculum Director


Carl Cates

Founder, Facilities Director and School Chef

Kathryn Joiner

The Flamingos’ Teacher, Teaching Director

Tara Baker

The Flamingos’ Teacher

Christine Gordon

The Peacocks’ Lead Teacher

Heather Sanders

The Peacocks’ Assistant Teacher

Julia Herman

The Owls’ Lead Teacher

Ofelia Jauregui

The Owls’ Assistant Teacher

Tara Steinman

Reading and Math Coach and Morning Care Teacher

Linda Jordan

The Parrots’ Lead Teacher

Madison Huser

The Parrots’ Assistant Teacher

Shanna Kilde

The Penguins’ Lead Teacher

Elisa Farrell

The Penguins’ Assistant Teacher

Jill Howell

The Hummingbirds’ Lead Teacher

Stephanie Dudgeon

The Hummingbirds’ Assistant Teacher and After Care Teacher


Phoebe Fishman

The Ducklings’ Lead Teacher


Sinthea Cilliers

The Ducklings’ Assistant Teacher

Claudia Guerra

The Ducklings’ Support and After Care Teacher

Fernanda Monk

Support and After Care Teacher

Kinsey Shackelford

Spanish, Culture and After Care Teacher

Karen Murphy

After Care Teacher

Yan Ling Lo – Ms. Lynn

Mandarin Teacher


 James Boyle

Board President


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