Lisa Heath
Ms. Lisa has over 25 years of experience teaching children ages three through six years of age. She is an AMS and MACTE certified teacher. She received her certification from the National Center for Montessori Education in the beautiful state of Washington. She also attended Central Michigan University in the School of Education in her home state of Michigan.
Ms. Lisa and her family moved to Texas 16 years ago for her husband’s new position with Toyota.  She and her husband, Michael, just celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary and they have three grown children: a daughter who lives in San Antonio, who is also a dedicated teacher; a daughter who is a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin; a son who graduated UT Austin in May. In June, Ms. Lisa and her family welcomed the first grandchild!
Ms. Lisa realizes that she has been given a gift that some people may not find in a lifetime: a passion for teaching young children in a beautiful classroom that fosters independence through love and self – acceptance. The children grow with confidence throughout the year with guidance in an environment that helps them to learn from hands on materials and daily lessons.
Ms. Lisa was drawn to Lupine Lane because of its reverence for the child as unique, caring and capable human beings. She has a special understanding of the needs of the young child and helps to mold creative thinkers who love to learn. Ms. Lisa enjoys working with families; it is her belief that when home and school work together, the young child will flourish. She is a dedicated teacher who looks forward to being in the classroom with the children in her care.