Lunches at Lupine Lane offer your child a wholesome, nutritious, hot meal each school day.  In addition to a delicious lunch, kids have ample opportunity to participate in growing and preparing their food alongside our school chefs.  For less than $4 per school day—less than the cost of a latte—your child will have the experience of growing select ingredients as well as the opportunity to learn about food, culture and develop their culinary skills and palette!

Lupine Lane began in 2008, offering cooking classes to children.  From the beginning, we observed how the hands-on, creative involvement in food preparation motivated children to try foods their parents never dreamed they would as the kids developed a sense of ingredients and experienced various cooking methods.

While cooking, children access many of their developing early childhood skills.  Measuring and cutting develop conceptual math, while cutting, stirring and kneading develop fine and gross motor skills, all during an incredible, full sensory experience.  Due to the exponential benefits of cooking and growing food with young children, we have integrated these elements into the heart of our curriculum.

Each meal is healthy and balanced, with a serving of protein, carbohydrate and vegetables every day.  Our snacks offer children the opportunity to enjoy whole, freshly cut fruit.

To develop our menu, we begin each meal with child-friendly foods that are tried and true.  We create combinations that are based on these familiar ingredients, even to the most discerning young palettes and add notes of flavor and new foods that encourage kids to branch out.  We combine fresh vegetables with wholesome fan-favorites like pastas, brown rice, quinoa and other whole grain starches and add lean protein like chicken, beef, legumes and mild fish.

Each month has a regional focus, zoning in on specific areas of the region weekly.   Familiar items are combined with new ingredients and preparation methods to slowly integrate and introduce the exciting array of cuisines from different cultures.

This unique opportunity to grow, prepare and enjoy new foods encourages an open-mind to both food and cultures, while nurturing developing skills and knowledge and building relationships with fellow classmates of all ages and the adults involved.  By giving your child a meal plan at Lupine Lane, you not only free yourself of preparing and packing lunch each day, knowing your child will have a hot, nutritious and delicious meal but, most importantly, you open the doors to a world of food and experience that encourages a sense of inquiry in a supportive learning environment.

M-F Lunch Plan: $700 paid at enrollment for the year / $770 paid after August 1  / $400 paid at enrollment and $400 paid January 1

MWF Lunch Plan: $425 paid at enrollment for the year / $470 paid after August 1  / $250 paid at enrollment and $250 paid January 1

TTH Lunch Plan: $300 paid at enrollment for the year / $330 paid after August 1  / $175 paid at enrollment and $175 paid January 1

About $4 per lunch!  Less than a Latte!

Sample Menu:

September 2015 Lunches

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