Shirley Prescott

Hello! My name is Shirley Prescott. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, and I am fluent in Spanish.

I have published and illustrated children’s literature.  I’ve also created games and tools for children to learn about nutritious food choices and positive thinking in fun and engaging ways. I have participated in school fairs and events to promote healthy lifestyles.

My heart is in working with children, and I have been an assistant teacher in several preschool classes. I listen to my students’ ideas and observe them grow, and I am passionate about helping them find creative ways to see the excitement that learning can bring. Most importantly, I try to let them be themselves as they work to meet challenges and grow creatively.

I use my artistic skills to engage children and help them communicate in a meaningful way. I enjoy getting to know each child and all of the things that make them the unique little people that they are.

I was born in Mexico City and have lived in Lakeway, Texas with my family for 19 years. We love it here–it’s home! I have been married for 35 years, and have three beautiful, loving children. My oldest daughter is 27, and our twins are 24, a boy and a girl. We also have two furry Pomeranian family members!

I look forward to guiding your children, lovingly, each day!