The 2018-2019 Flamingos

The month of May seems to rival the holiday season with the number of events, parties and memories kids and families create together. We know it’s busy, and we are grateful for all that we get to celebrate with the children and families at Lupine Lane during this time of year. It’s such a special time when we celebrate all of the wonderful things that the kids have accomplished over the span of the year.

The 2018-2019 Owls

Throughout the school year, we are consistently amazed at how each child responds so uniquely well to their classroom environment, their friends, teachers and challenges.  We all love watching them grow as they work hard and nurture bonds. And, we are so thankful for all of the love, support and encouragement that all of the families give and give to their children and to us.  The people that are a part of this remarkable place all make this school what it is, and we are forever grateful.

The 2018-2019 Peacocks

It seems like every year, we dive in and we don’t really expect how quickly time passes.  The quote “the days may be long but the years are short” is so appropriate. Sometimes, during the daily grind, it’s tough to “zoom out” and realize that every single day is a brush stroke that makes up this beautiful masterpiece.  On days like today and moments like this, we are able to really gain that perspective and then, hopefully, infuse it into the every day.

Fun at the End of Year Event

It’s really tough to put into words the feelings that come along with these kids and their families graduating and taking their next steps–but I want to try because we have so enjoyed watching the children learn, laugh and grow during their time at school with us.

Ms. Phoebe and one of her sweet ducklings

We know that they are all poised to be absolute sensational successes in all that they do.  We will welcome everyone back to visit with wide open, loving arms, always and forever. These children and their families have literally contributed to the foundation of this school along with us, and we are forever grateful for their love, support and encouragement.

The Hummingbirds presenting their incredible end of year performance!

We are forever grateful to them all for being here, day in and day out, and contributing all that they have to this community.  Their presence will never be forgotten because it makes up the fabric of this place. Thank you, a million times.  We love you all.

The Owls sweetly signing “Find the Light”

At our End of Year Performances and Graduation on May 24th, the kids were all so excited to show their families and friends all of their hard work, as they have been at each milestone this year.  The songs were extra special–we all hope the children carry the songs’ messages within them as they dance into their next act.

The Flamingos rockin’ out to “Forever Young”

They are all so bright, so capable, hard working and kind. They are all set up to be absolutely fulfilled in this life. Our wish for them is that they pursue their dreams, be kind, work hard and find true happiness in all that they do–anything and everything is possible.

The Peacocks groovin’ to “The Best Day of my Life”

As Henry David Thoreau said “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Live the life you’ve imagined!”

From Duckling to Flamingo, Clark, our mayor will fly on!

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