• June 3 to 7, 2019
  • 9a to 2p
  • Ages 4.5 to 8

Children have the innate curiosity that science requires. They naturally wonder, observe and explore, which makes them incredible scientists.

Perhaps they wonder how and why a car moves down the road. Maybe they want to explore the ocean floor and find out how fish live under water. Of course, kids are keen treasure hunters and constantly find special objects in nature to observe, create and experiment with. Most definitely, they love pouring, combining, mixing and watching ingredients change states or explode!

Our science camp is full of stimulating, hands-on learning experiences that engage children and require them to hypothesize and hone their knowledge and skills using the scientific process. Ms. Sally has created an environment ripe for observing, interacting and experimenting with daily themes for exploration that provoke thought and engage the senses. She has arranged the classroom so children can engage in science sensory tables and exploratory play that will ask children to use their critical thinking skills to solve problems.

Young scientists will participate in observations, research and discussions as they prepare for their daily experiments. They will analyze their materials and hypothesize what will occur through the scientific process and finally begin to experiment by combining, creating and producing reactions. As they observe and further analyze, they will record what they do and see in a science journal every day.

Click here to join us for Fizzle, Bubble, Pop and Wow! Science Camp with Ms. Sally the week of June 3-7!

About Ms. Sally

Hello fellow scientist! My name is Ms.Sally. I will be your guide through this week-long exploration of the magic of science.

How do we become scientists? (You already are one!) Why is science so important to us, and how do we use it? (We’ll find out through doing lots of collecting, observing, hypothesizing and experimenting!)

My favorite thing about science is conducting all different kinds of experiments and I can’t wait to pour, combine, mix, create and get messy with you! I am looking forward to an exciting week of exploring the fun and mystery of the scientific world with you!

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