¡Hola! This week will provide a broad yet in depth look at Spanish language and culture.  Children will learn the phonetic sounds of the language, grasp words and unique symbols and begin to put phrases together.  They will gain an appreciation for the culture through a focus on traditional and modern art from Spain, Mexico and Central and South America.  Kids will also gain a better understanding of daily life in Spanish culture, from speaking and writing the language to experiencing common Spanish “comida.”  This camp may serve as a supplement to a current Spanish program or as a springboard for future work with Spanish language and culture.

  • Skill-based instruction taught by a native Spanish speaker.
  • Gain an appreciation for the phonetic sound, unique symbols and written words.
  • Master conversational Spanish.
  • Explore the beauty of Spanish culture through art and cooking.

Lesson Examples:

  • Greetings, conversations and reading the written word
  • Exploring the works of the Prado in Madrid
  • Mayan Ruins, Machu Picchu and other Spanish World Wonders
  • Making Paella, Tacos and More!

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